• Natalie & CarlNatalie & CarlLynsey made us feel completely at ease from our very first meeting

    Lynsey’s help, support and guidance during our pregnancy, birth and post-natal weeks has been fantastic.

    After being introduced to hypnobirthing we decided on a home birth, and to ensure we had flexibility and personalised support we looked for an independent midwife. 

    Lynsey made us feel completely at ease from our very first meeting and we immediately knew she was the midwife we wanted to share our journey with.  

    Lynsey arranged all the necessary equipment that we needed for our home birth and explained everything in detail.  We were completely ready to go a few weeks ahead of our due date feeling excited and secure.  

    Unfortunately, our little one had different ideas and we ended up transferring into hospital.  Lynsey remained with us through out the entire labour and was on hand to translate and confirm the direction that the hospital was guiding us in.  It was so reassuring to have a friendly face during a time which could have been extremely scary. Each decision we had to make we chatted through with her first to understand the benefits and risks.  Despite things not going according to our original plan, having Lynsey there meant that we still felt 100% in control of the birth of our little one.  

    Our birthing experience could have ended up being intimidating for us but with her calm and non-judgmental manner it remained a very positive one.  

    The personalised and extended care that you receive with Lynsey is priceless and we would highly recommend!

  • Amy:

    We decided to hire a private midwife so that my pregnancy would go as smoothly as possible and avoid complications. Our choice to hire Lynsey was worth its wait in gold. By working with Lynsey, I felt very relaxed and had peace of mind all the way through my pregnancy. She was there every step of the way. I could contact Lynsey at any time in the day or middle of the night if I was unsure of anything. She was always there if I needed her whether that meant a phone call for reassurance or if she felt it would be better to pop round and see me to assess me and my baby. This saved me lots of worry and trips to the doctors and hospital.

    Lynsey is so lovely and was very easy to get on with which meant I felt I could tell her anything. I felt extremely positive and assured going into childbirth. Before I started working with Lynsey, I was quite apprehensive and nervous, but as my due date got nearer I became confident and excited about giving birth. I also did Hypnobirthing with Lynsey, this helped me a great deal because it made me think positively about the whole experience and made me feel like I had control over the process. If I had not done the hypnobirthing, then my labour would have been a lot harder. In fact, I quite enjoyed using it to manage my surges.

    If you are thinking about hiring a private midwife I would without a question of a doubt arrange a chat with Lynsey.


    Having our first child was such a massive thing for us that we wanted as much help as possible. We had talked about a doula but we felt that having a trained midwife along our journey would give us the support and confidence to enjoy the biggest moment of our lives. Lynsey was incredibly during labour, she provided so much support and advice to both of us. Whenever the labour moved on to a new stage, or we were being spoken to by the medical staff, Lynsey was able to explain everything that was happening to support our decisions along the way. At the end of it all we now have a beautiful baby girl and a friend for life.

  • Sophie & TomSophie & Tom"Birth scripts worked a dream"


    "Hi baby Matthew was born at 1156 last night weighing 8lbs 2oz. Managed to have him in the pool. Hypnobirthing definitely helped - Thank you it was a pleasure meeting you too and you really helped and changed my whole
    Birth experience. Xx "


    "Hi Lynsey. Tom Penn here. Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you gave Sophie. She was calm, controlled and generally amazing and I think that was all down to the confidence and empowerment you managed to instill in her. Birth scripts worked a dream and the time you spent going through her birth plan with her was so valuable. Generally just a much more positive experience than first time around and i think a lot of that is down to all the calming techniques you taught her. Thank you again"

  • Evie HamiltonEvie Hamilton"Our hypnobirthing experience was so amazing"

    Our hypnobirthing experience was so amazing and Lynsey made us feel so comfortable throughout. I was apprehensive before starting as I wasn’t sure what to expect but the course exceeded all my expectations and really changed my view of birth and how to approach it. I no longer felt nervous or scared to give birth - instead I felt relaxed and excited. Lynsey also really made my partner Billy feel included which was really important to us both because partners can sometimes feel left out. This certainly wasn’t the case with Lynsey in her sessions. I learnt such valuable relaxation and breathing techniques for during labour that I still carry through to day to day life to help cope with any stressful situations that arise.

    Our perfect daughter arrived after an hour and a half, with only gas and air. I believe my labour was as amazing as it was due to the hypnobirthing sessions; both Billy and I were so calm and relaxed it made the whole experience beautiful. I recommend Lynsey and her hypnobirthing to everyone!

  • Emma BurkeEmma Burke"I felt like I was in full control"

    Lynsey introduced me to hypno-birthing when I was pregnant with my second child and I didn't have a clue what she was talking about haha, I'd never heard of it before.

    I had my first child 8 years prior and it was a tough labour. She was 10 days late and I was in labour for 44 hours. I felt so alone, so scared, I didn't have any idea what i was doing or what i was supposed to do and so I had all the drugs I could have, which obviously slowed everything down.

    When I became pregnant with my second child I was determined to have a completely different labour. I'd asked Lynsey to be one of my birthing partners and having agreed, she told me about hypno-birthing and we had a session during my pregnancy, I'd never felt so relaxed.
    We used the hypno-birthing techniques as soon as my contractions got going and continued throughout my labour.
    Hypno-birthing allowed me to have the labour I wanted, I felt like I was in full control. I was able to block out everything going on around me and focus. Focus on my partner and focus on Lynsey's voice, guiding me through every step of the way. I remember panicking at one point but just listened out for Lynsey to guide me and it worked. My Son arrived 6 hours later in the birthing pool with only gas and air. A perfect labour for me.
    So if you've never heard of hypno-birthing or you're apprehensive about it, I would say give it a go.
    A big thank you to Lynsey for all your help, support and guidance, I really couldn't have done it without you.