Being A Student Midwife: Hannah’s Journey

Hi! I’m Hannah and I met Lynsey through teaching hypnobirthing. I am a final year student midwife and hypnobirthing teacher at Reframing Birth in East Sussex. Lynsey asked me to write about my journey to becoming a midwife so I will do exactly that, I hope it is interesting and anyone thinking of taking the leap is inspired to do so!

Going into a caring profession had always been a priority for me, but it wasn’t until I started my A Levels that I truly considered midwifery. I thought I wanted to be a nurse, so was a volunteer in the hospital for several years. I helped on the wards, did women’s nails and gave hand massages, keeping the elderly company and just generally being an extra pair of hands. I enjoyed it, I really did, but I couldn’t imagine myself being a nurse! They do amazing things, but caring for the sick wasn’t something I was interested in. Midwifery seemed the next place for me to go looking.

I found a Perinatal Mental Health charity, supporting women and their partners through depression, anxiety and trauma related to pregnancy and birth. I volunteered on their helpline, email support and online communities. Soon, I was in a management position and truly realised the extent to which women need and deserve that individualised support, to ensure that they have the best experiences possible in maternity care.

That was it for me, I knew midwifery was the way forward! I applied for university, didn’t expect to get in, being of the grand age of 17. Completed my A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology and to my surprise was offered a place at my local uni. Reality hit and I am not sure I was ready for what was to come!

In 2016, I started uni. The intense workload was coming at me in all directions, anatomy, physiology, policies, legalities, care models, medical terms. It was a lot to take in and many times, I felt like giving it all up. Very early on, I started my first placement in community and had the most incredible mentor who I still work with to this day. She inspired me, supported me as a normal person and not as a student! We had fun, difficulties, learning and showed me the true meaning of midwifery. Within the NHS, that is really tricky at times but she was always striving to provide woman centred support.

Fast forward to now, I have had some amazing opportunities. I became a hypnobirthing teacher almost a year ago and have found my path. I love working within the NHS and having a supportive team around me, guiding me, but I love running my own business and being able to provide the education that I really want to. With only 6 months left of my training, an almost complete dissertation, an exam and portfolio between me and being a midwife, I am feeling ready. Having the guidance of mentors in placement is wonderful, but I can’t wait to spread my wings and find my own way. I am sure there will be many learning opportunities and it will be a rollercoaster ride, but the chance to allow women to feel empowered and support them on their journey is giving me motivation to finish, even when it feels like it is never ending!

The lovely Hannah

Thanks Hannah for your fab post! You will have a bright future as a midwife and continue to be an inspiring #GirlBoss for years to come. Reframing Birth is located in East Sussex and Hannah is a truly incredible lady and I thoroughly recommend her and her brilliant business.

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