Autumn Inspiration

I don’t know why, but I’ve always loved this time of year. I find it a time of ‘slowing down’ just a little, warm cosy nights in and a time of reflection and inspiration. The gorgeous colour of the leaves, the changes in nature and the countdown to Christmas – I find It magical.

I’ve been having a think about lots of things today, mainly how privileged I am to have the job that I do. Yes, I’m making some exciting changes and heading in a bit of a new direction and at the heart is still what I love – midwifery. I really do meet some of the loveliest, most inspirational people you could ever imagine. I may only be with a lady for a short time, like in a taster class or a one-off session, yet I still find it so rewarding and fulfilling. Sometimes I am lucky enough to follow someone right the way through their journey and again I find this so very special and humbling. In view of this reflective time for me, I thought I’d share some of the inspirations in my life with you…

The first person I must start with is one of the most important people in my life, My Nan, Margaret. I had such a special relationship with her. I remember her singing ‘let me call you sweetheart’ when I used to snuggle in bed with her after a bad dream. I still love that song, although it brings a tear to my eye. When I was little, she didn’t go out to work, but she worked hard looking after the family and keeping hers and grandads home beautiful. She taught me about team work and partnerships – 46 years married, not without its hiccups but strong, loving and able to survive anything. Nan encouraged me from a young age, to work hard and be whatever I wanted to be. She was my ‘go to’ when I was in trouble, my voice of reason and she really was the heart of our family. I miss her so, but I am the person I am today because of her strength and love

Now to Joanne M. This special lady is one of the reasons I became a Midwife! I was lucky enough to meet Jo when I was expecting my second baby and she was my community midwife. I’d not had a great experience with my previous pregnancy and I was feeling anxious and worried. Right from the start Jo put me at ease. She was there every step of the way from booking to my last appt before delivery, and then came to do my home visits following. Jo

supported us through some very emotional, personal circumstances which was truly invaluable. It was Jo who suggested to me to think about midwifery training and arranged for me to spend some time observing her. The care, support and advice which she offered all her clients was amazing and made such a difference to each and every one of them. Jo inspired me to take the leap and because of her, I am a Midwife today. It was her care and support for me and my family that made me think “I’d like to do this for others, I can do this for others’. I’m very lucky that we’re still in contact today, 15 years later 😊

Now literature, for me must be the works of the wonderful Jennifer Worth. I got lost in her stories of the old East End, of life with the Nuns and the families they cared for. I think that era of midwifery would have suited me down to the ground, cycling everywhere, case-loading and building relationships with the families within the community, – everything just seemed so personal – which is why I’ve taken the leap towards independent midwifery to truly be ‘with woman’ and family!

My Favourite quotes that inspire me every day: Most come from Ina May Gaskin, an incredible force in the Midwifery world and below are 3 of my favourites:

1.“There is no other organ quite like the uterus. If men had such an organ, they would brag about it…so should we.”

2.“Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.”

3.“If a woman doesn’t look like a Goddess during labour, then someone isn’t treating her right.”

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t include one other and it’s from my favourite books and movies:

“Light can be found in the darkest of places if one only remembers to turn on the light” Albus Dumbledore. I don’t know why this one resonates with me so much but it’s one that’s stuck with me.

This next person was someone I met at work in the clinic and now a firm friend – Kerri-anne. I met Kerri-anne at the first of her consultants’ clinics with her second child and only a week or two after her diagnosis of breast cancer. I can’t tell you the strength this lady has. She had some tough decisions to make and a hard

journey ahead of her but through it all, she smiled, joked and not once did I ever hear her complain. Her precious little bundle came along slightly early but perfectly healthy. Kerri is through the worst of it now, her strength and determination is incredible. She did say to me a few days ago ‘slowly getting rid of all my womanly parts’ and my reply to her was ‘it’s what’s at the heart that counts’ and she has one very big heart, is one very inspirational lady and I am honoured that I got to meet her and share some of her journey.

The final and by no means least of my inspirations is my family!! Some of whom are no longer with us but remain a strong influence and are forever held in my heart. My lovely mum of-course (the rest of the fam- too many to name – you’ll be here all day reading this), my amazing friends – Ems who’s been by my side for far too many years haha! Then there’s my very special crazy gang: My Hubby Mark – he may not know it but his strength, compassion, humour and his ability as a dad and husband inspire me every single day and I can’t wait to spend another life sentence together (I think its a bit more than that now lol). Our Bambino’s Sam and Alex who are growing into the most amazing young adults. Sam may have flown the nest, but she’ll always be my baby girl. They make me laugh, drive me crazy but make everything so worth -while and everything I do is for them.

So, there you have it. I appreciate it’s a bit of a long blog, but I’ve enjoyed sharing it with you and I hope it gives you a bit more insight to me. What’s your daily inspirations? Share them, I know I’d love to read them.

Lynsey – Brighter Births

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