Full Care Package

Full Care Package

Full Antenatal, Birth & Post-natal Midwifery care

If you’d like much greater support during your birthing experience then I do offer a comprehensive package which provides a number of services from your first booking through to 6 weeks after baby is born.  Below is a list of what this package covers:

  • Booking visit
  • Regular antenatal visits (approx 10), tailored to your needs.  These visits are there to ensure that both baby and mummy are in good health and you have plenty of time to discuss any concerns or go over your birth plans.
  • Full Hypnobirthing course is included so that Mummy can have the necessary tools available to encourage a positive birth experience.
  • Antenatal screening is highly recommended and I can offer support in this area by being available to attend the visit or help you to arrange a private screening*
  • I will be on call 24/7 for 2-3 weeks before & after your estimated due date.
  • If you decide on a home birth I can provide full support and midwifery care.
  • If you decide to have a hospital birth then I can be present there too as a support/advocate.
  • 4 Visits in the first week following birth providing breast feeding/bottle feeding support, ‘Heel Prick’ screen for baby on day 5, weight check for baby and post birth recovery advice. **
  • Twice weekly ongoing support until 6 weeks postnatal.

*private screening is available at an extra cost and I can help put you in touch with local professionals
**This may be adapted to more/less appointments depending on your needs

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