About Me

I started my career in midwifery following my own journey through pregnancy, childbirth and into parenthood. My first experience as young parent left me feeling isolated and judged by the very people who should have been supporting me. My second experience was very different. I was well supported by the health professionals in the area and they helped guide and support me with informative information so that I was able to make informed choices about my care, that of my own young toddler and my unborn baby. It made every difference to me at a very vulnerable time. The people around me that supported me inspired me to start considering my career options – I decided that if I was going to go back to work and spend time way from my children, I wanted to do it making a difference, empowering and supporting couples, single mums, from all walks of life embarking on their pregnancy and parenting journeys.

I trained at a large inner London hospital, gaining experience in caring and supporting women and their families from multi-cultural backrounds, some with extensive health and complex social needs, to women in the low risk birth centre. I gained experience in attending homebirths – which are very different to hospital settings. Most of all, I learnt a lot about myself and the type of midwife I wanted to be.

More recently,I have worked in an outer London unit. Rotating through the different areas and finally settling in the Antenatal Clinic. I have since gained extra qualifications and have developed a role as a Midwife with a ‘Specialist Interest’ in Gestational Diabetes.

I decided to add to my skill set and I have also gained a qualification in antenatal education/hypno birthing with a well known/reputiable company. I ventured down this route after thinking about and witnessing some of the anxieties women and their partners have about childbirth and parenting. Realising they don’t always feel empowered or informed or able to ask the questions they have every right to ask. Using relaxation tools and self hypnosis techniques, they can take back control, release their fears and embrace their journeys achieving positive experiences no matter what route they take.

I am expanding in my expertise and the support I would like to give women. I am very proud to be part of the NHS, however time constraints and demand on services mean that I am not always able to give the care and support needed in the time frame allowed… therefore I am starting to provide services and support outside of the NHS.

I am very lucky to have a very supportive husband and family behind me. Our children are now in their teens – and we’re into a very different era of our parenting lives with challenges of its own. I also feel that my/or personal experiences as well as my professional background influences the way in which I practice and provide personalised, individualised services.

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