Midwife led Antenatal education and Birth preparation classes including hypnobirthing. I also provide enhanced Antenatal and Postnatal visits for extra advice and support pre and post baby.

Natural assumptions are that hypno-birthing is for pain free, natural births which can make people feel uneasy; I teach ‘The Little Birth Company’ program which offers Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Relaxation aimed at supporting YOU to plan for a calm, confident & positive birth.

Life inevitably throws us curve balls the might change our plans but having the tools to manage those and the anxieties it may cause can make all the difference.

It’s not about what pain relief you do or don’t have or the type of birth, it’s all about the the journey and how YOU feel along the way, it’s about empowering YOU and your partner to embrace every situation and have the confidence to ask questions and make informed decisions in a calm, relaxed manner.

NB: Whilst I do refer to partners and we do have a focussed session for them and the importance of their role, the sessions do cater for individuals who may wish to partake by themselves.


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Full Care Package
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